Are you a fiduciary?

Yes. At PeaceLink, I act as your legal fiduciary. That means I put your interests first at all times. In practical terms, that means I only do what is best for you.

You’d think all advisors are held to the same standard, but surprisingly, no.

At PeaceLink we fall under the “fiduciary standard.” Many other advisors, however, fall under a different legal standard called “suitability.” That means they can recommend something suitable for you, even if it pays them a higher commission.

At PeaceLink, Leland is a CFP® professional, meaning he has earned the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ credential. All CFP®s take a fiduciary oath. The CFP® mark also assures you that the professional has the experience and knowledge to serve you well. Those who have earned this mark must meet these rigorous requirements:

  • Have at least 6,000 hours of financial planning experience
  • Complete 18 to 24 months of extensive financial planning coursework
  • Pass a 170 question, 6 hour comprehensive exam
  • Stay up to date with 32 hours continuing education in every 2 year cycle
  • Agree to follow the CFP® code of ethics

Your money is too important, so I always recommend that you insist on working with a fiduciary and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, at a minimum.

How are you compensated?

At PeaceLink I believe in transparency from the start. So you’ll find our fees and pricing clearly spelled out here.

I am also a fee-only financial advisor, meaning I charge fees, not commissions. This minimizes the conflicts of interest that are so common in the financial industry. Instead of commissions, you just pay as you’d pay other professionals such as your accountant or lawyer.

At PeaceLink, you’ll never experience sales pressure, commissions, or wonder what you’re paying.

Do you have a minimum asset requirement?

No! I have intentionally created a flat fee model without an asset minimum so that you can get the help you need, no matter where you’re starting from. At PeaceLink I believe having a minimum asset requirement causes too many people to be excluded and go without financial advice at the time in their life they need it most. 

Is it just you? What about other firms with more people?

With wealth management, you’re usually faced with a decision: go with a large firm and be a small fish in a big sea, or hire a small firm and get more individual attention.

At PeaceLink I am dedicated to helping every client make noticeable progress every year toward their goals.

But here’s the key: PeaceLink is independent, but not alone.

I have a strong network of experts that I regularly collaborate with, so I can help you with many specialized needs. So this way, you get the benefits of a large firm without the problems you’ll likely encounter (less attention and more conflicts of interest).

From an investment standpoint, it’s always safest to have more than one person weighing in on your strategy. That’s why we have partnered with some of the industry’s largest, most reputable investment firms to stand on their shoulders and utilize their systems and research. We also partner with investment managers who actively manage your tax liability, which is an often underutilized strategy to increase your returns with less risk.

How often can I contact you?

At PeaceLink, my goal is to help you achieve your goals. Part of that is the avoidance of financial mistakes which can set you back. That’s why I include unlimited support, so you can call, email, or text me any time I can help you with a financial decision.

Here’s what this can look like:

  • You’re trying to decide whether you should buy or lease your next car
  • You’ve got a question on whether you should choose a fixed or adjustable mortgage
  • You’re trying to plan for rising health insurance costs and expenses

Or maybe it's more complex—you’re selling your business or weighing competing job offers. Whatever it is, I’m here for you, and you’ll never get a surprise bill from us.

Is there a minimum contract term?

No. At PeaceLink you’re not locked into a contract. The ongoing contract is a 12-month engagement, but you can cancel with 30 days notice. You won’t find any surrender charges or penalties here, either. My goal is to provide relational-based planning, not transactional. I strive to earn your trust and business one month at a time. Should you decide to leave, our subscription model requires payment in arrears rather than advance, which would mean you would owe a prorated fee for your last month.