Episode 51- Finding Success In Helping Others Foster Success W/ Hannah Johnson

My guest on today’s podcast is Hannah Johnson. Hannah is the founder of Delightful Deliveries, a business providing personalized pop-by services to businesses trying to stay top of mind with their clients, prospects, and referral partners. In this episode Hannah shares her journey of Self-Employment. She started by helping her husband create and deliver pop-by’s and in doing so found that other services over charge to just drop off raw supplies that you then had to assemble and deliver yourself. She explains how that inspired her to do it differently and how after doing it well for her husband and his team, it grew and expanded into a full blown success. Hannah shares how impactful this business has been and not just for her own family. She has had the opportunity to retire her mother from a job she hated, helped local businesses thrive by using their products (shout out to Farmer John), and gotten to see the businesses she works with succeed by staying top of mind with their clients through her services. Hannah is a joy to be around and her business truly is catching fire. So with that introduction, I hope you enjoy this episode of the Self-Employment Success Podcast with Hannah Johnson.


Leland Gross CFP EA (00:00)

All right, welcome Hannah Johnson to the Self -Employment Success podcast. Thank you so much for having me. I'm excited to be here today. Yeah, well, I love your business. I think it's really unique and I think it's truly like one of a kind. And so I'm excited for listeners to learn about it and to kind of hear your story. So get started by just telling us who is Hannah Johnson and what does she do. All right. So I am Hannah Johnson. I own a company called Delightful Deliveries. I'm a Virginia Beach native born and raised here. I have a husband.

Three kids, two dogs, two horses, a cat, and a lizard. And five businesses. Yeah, and five businesses. So my company is Delightful Deliveries. So essentially what we do is we create and deliver gifts and send them to all of your past clients, potential clients, anybody you want to stay top of mind with. They're just small little tokens of appreciation you send throughout the year. Everybody around Christmas is like, I need to send a big gift because it's Christmas and that's what people do for Christmas. But instead of sending one giant gift once a year,

it's sending little gifts throughout the year that just help you stay top of mind with all of your clients or potential clients or just anybody that sends you referral business, even if they're not even a client, but they will still refer you to clients. So just helping you stay top of mind is our whole goal. Which is so unique. Cause I mean, as a business owner and a lot of small business owners and self -employed professionals listen to this podcast, that's a challenge where you have, you know, this big list of

prospects of, you know, referral partners or centers of influence. I mean, I feel like every, you know, post Thanksgiving, I'm spending like a week sending, like handwriting Christmas cards and sending things out. And it becomes so laborious that it's hard to do that throughout the year. Correct. It becomes tedious. And then you think about it and you're like, okay, I should have done that, but I didn't. And it just keeps going. Like the intention is always there. Anybody in a referral based business, the intention is always there.