Episode 49: Vision, Agency, And Purpose: Developing A Vision Statement For Your Life W/ Heather Fischer

My guest on today’s podcast is Heather Fischer. Heather is a life and leadership coach and the founder of MTL Coaching. Heather helps individuals and couples foster growth and purpose in their life through helping them develop a life vision statement. In this episode Heather shares her story of working in HR and employee development and how seeing the incredible results of doing vision work in companies with their employees led her to begin doing it on the side for people in their personal lives. She shares how that took off, realizing there is a need because fostering a sense of purpose in life is a need that is stitched into us and a part of what it means to be human. She shares how she took the jump to doing this as her main job and how she aligns this work with all areas of her life through developing her own life vision statement with her husband. In this episode we talk in depth about growth, the stories we tell ourselves, and how to move from fancy words to powerful action that fuels the vision we have in our life. This episode is jam packed with powerful, valuable, nuggets of wisdom for all people, not just entrepreneurs (but it’s incredibly applicable to self-employed professionals too). So with that introduction, I hope you enjoy this episode of the Self-Employment Success Podcast with Heather Fischer.


All right, welcome Heather Fisher to the Self -Employment Success podcast. Thank you. It's so fun to be here. Yeah, I'm excited for today's conversation. To get started, tell the listeners who you are, both personally and professionally. Yeah, so I'm Heather Fisher. I live in Virginia Beach. I've been here for about five years now. This summer will be five years. I'm married to my husband, Matt. We have two kiddos, a little boy, a little girl. We are, Matt and I are both.

Basically from Virginia. I was born in the West, but we have lived here most of our life, but just recently moved back to the region five years ago. Fun. And tell us about your business. Yeah. So I am what's considered a life and leadership coach. And my niche within that is really focusing on living by vision. In other words, helping people identify their purpose or like their why and what they're living for and why that matters to them.

So I work with both individuals and couples and groups and really help people focus in on their sense of purpose and then kind of take that wherever else they're really focusing in their life. That's amazing. I was actually at this conference recently and they were talking about how the three things we are all, every human is longing for. Like when you go into why do you do this job or why do you live this way?

It's purpose, belonging, and security. And you can kind of find like, people can find belonging in community and security and jobs, but they were harping on this like purpose piece and how like when you lack purpose, everything else kind of begins to crumble. But when you have purpose, everything really comes to life. And I think that's really powerful. Yes. I'm guessing though that you didn't come out of college and just jump in as a leadership and life coach. So.

What was the journey to get here? Kind of how did you move and grow into this place? Yeah. So shortly after I graduated college, I started working in HR specifically with, it was within organizational development. And then with that, within that it was employee engagement, which is really just a fancy way to say working on the success of your people within a company. So in that team, we did a lot of work with our

employees on leadership development and just how to help them succeed in general. So a piece of that was looking at what the company always called their sweet spot, which is the intersection of business need and what a person cares about and what their strengths are. And so in, in my time with that team, we would bring in different consultants to come in and train people. And we did a lot of work around basically transformational thinking and helping folks understand how do you really shift.